Portable monument
Portable monument

Julian Gordon Mitchell is a British artist who has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. His works have been shown at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Portrait Prize Exhibition, Cabinet Office, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Academy and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Julian has also exhibited work in more contemporary spaces, including Bank, the De Marco Gallery in Glasgow, and at the Pompidou Centre as part of the Life Live exhibition. His work has drawn praise from figures as varied as Lucien Freud, Guy Brett and David Modalla.

Julian was born in Reading in 1968. His parents were strict members of the Seventh Day Adventist sect. As a consequence, Julian had early exposure to the prophetic imagery of the Books of Daniel and The Revelation, and the Seventh Day Adventist ‘Prophetess’, Ellen White.

Julian undertook a foundation course at Heatherley’s in Chelsea before completing a first degree at Wolverhampton Polytechnic and a Masters degree at Brighton University.

After initially working in rather ramshackle locations from farm buildings and a storeroom of a local prop-maker, Julian worked for a number of years at the artists’ studios Open Hand, Open Space in Reading. He currently lives and works in Chelsea and East Sussex, a place he describes as almost unbearably lovely.

Julian has an abiding interest in surreal and metaphysical art, and contemporary continuities with painting’s pre-modernist past.